Delivering an unbelievable action, including extreme "Micro Tail" shimmering and movement that bass just can't resist, no soft bait is as versatile or captivating either. The LegioAurea Roma is an hybrid lure (worm, stickbait, jerkbait, shad) loaded with a special mix of salt and chemical scent for added fish attraction. Made in LegioAureaTM from our special polymer project (MTP), the Legio Roma has a superior balance between softness, weight and resistance . Every bass angler will notice the hi castability and the superior performances of this bait in every difficult fishing situation, especially in clear water and unweighted presentations Suggested rigs : Texas rig, Unweighted, Swimbait hook, Neko Rig
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The Legio Aurea Serpens is the ultimate finesse bait, your next best finesse lure. Made by a truly special MTP polymer (multi texture plastic), made in Legio AureaTM and enriched with a special mix of salt and chemical scent. The very compact shape and the slim profile are designed to give this lure superior lifelike detail and provide anglers with a lot of presentation options. Versatility, effective performances: The body is super soft and flexible, guarantying a great finesse action and subtle vibrations that will attract those finicky bass when the bite is very slow. Ideal for clear and muddy water presentations. Suggested rigs: drop shot, split shot, texas rig, neko rig, unweighted.
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Legio Aurea, with the new Commodus, decided to create a new iteration of the Senko lure, a classic in bass fishing. The peculiarity of this lure is the slow fall, almost suspended action, when used weightless with 3/0-4/0 hooks. The fall is not only slow, it's perfectly horizontal, to simulate a real minnow action in the different strata of the water. The Commodus is created using the Legio MTP Material (Multi Texture Plastic) powered with low percentage salt and micronized shrimp scent. The low salt density (5%) and a big amount of scent, are able to give the lure a long hook setting time, a great elasticity and remarkable resistance, without sacrificing the softness of the lure. Wacky or jighead rigged, the Commodus procudes life-like contractions which are very atypical.
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The Augustus represents an absolute novelty in the finesse competition bassfishing lures. The center of gravity of this ringed worm is moved to the front to allow a perfect 45° tilt, typical of a feeding prey, the most vulnerable moment. Another atypical feature is the body designed with an irregular series of flaps able to trap air during the cast and release a huge amount of bubbles once the lure is in the water, making the bait very realistic for the predator. Last but not least, the tapered micro-tail which vibrates on every movement. The Augustus is created using the Legio MTP Material (Multi Texture Plastic) powered with low percentage salt and micronized shrimp scent.
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The Legio Aurea Catilina is a hybrid topwater that offers an extraordinary level of versatility. The idea was to create a compact crawler that would have been effective in heavy cover and in very thick vegetation. The Catilina has an hollow soft plastic body, rigged with a chemically sharpended heavy-duty hook with extraordinary penetration capabilities. The body is very soft and built with a fast water discharge system that allows the hook setting to be perfect in every condition. Built with the best materials and assembled by hand, piece by piece. Made in Legio Aurea.
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Legio Aurea's Gladius is an hybrid soft bait with a letal attitude. Incredibly versatile, it sports a flange on its tail for increased action. The Gladius can be flipped or pitched, Texas-rigged, Drop Shop, Carolina-rigged. Swim it weightless with thin fluorocarbon line or on a little size weighted hook. No matter how you fish it, this lure produces huge result making little air bubbles. Infused and powered by exclusive LegioAureaTm micronized organic crawfish scent, incredibly attractive to fish and able to mask human and plastic scent. Made in LegioAureaTm with our special, hi tech polymer project (LEGIO M.T.P. MULTI TEXTURE PLASTIC).
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Legio AureaTM Caestus features a tapered ringed body which releases attractive air bubbles for a super natural action. Its ridges are able to conceal the hook for easier hook-setting. The Caestus can be Texas, Wacky and Carolina rigged or fished weightless as a pure jerkbait. Legio AureaTM Caestus works great for heavily pressured waters, clear waters or cold fronts. Made in Legio AureaTM with our special, hi-tech polymer project (LEGIO M.T.P. MULTI TEXTURE PLASTIC). Powered by exclusive LegioAurea micronized crawfish scent.
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In Latin, Fulgor means “brilliance” and brilliant this weapon is. The Legio Aurea engineered Fulgor jig is designed with exclusive features such as the multi-faceted, chromed head that wobbles and flashes on the fall or swim. With its special hook eye positioning for optimal hookset leverage and the fluorocarbon INVISIBLEDEFENSE brush guard, this is the ultimate swim jig weapon designed to come through heavy cover while giving Bass a wobbling, flashing presentation that they have never before seen. Slow crawl the Fulgor jig through cover or over a hard bottom and be prepared as this tactical strike weapon finds its target.
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The Legio Aurea Genius Scipionis bass fishing jig was designed to be the perfect pitching and flipping weapon. The unique "U" shape of its guard avoids lateral snags, offering the best defence in the cover. Custom handtied skirt, custom designed top quality chemically sharpened hook.
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The LegioAureaTM BRUTUS is the ultimate T-Tail swimbait. The extremely advanced design of the lure, mimics the swimming motion of a little fleeing prey, when retrieved. The original ”long joint” provides a tremendous, never seen, ”boomerang action” in the water, allowing it to dart and glide like no other bait in its class. Raised 3D details and textured scale patterns add realism and authenticity.
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The Pilum jig comes perfectly balanced and in stealth mode, featuring the INVISIBLEDEFENCE brush guard and super sharp hook. The Pilum jigs subtle vibrations and increased profile to weight from the Sphaera wide spreading skirt and its ability to slide through cover with its ORB head make Pilum the extreme finesse weapon. Pressured or ultra clear water Small Mouth and Spotted Bass are especially vulnerable to this pinpoint weapon.

New 2015! The Legio Aurea Fishing Scorpio Craw is a high performance flipping and pitching super-compact craw. Designed with a central ultra vibration tail and two lateral claws that are highly mobile and flexible. The Scorpio has a reverse hook pocket for a perfect weedless efficience. Its action is studied for a very effective fishing inside grass and covers. Produced with Legio MTP plastic and injected with crawfish scent.

Size 4.25". Made in LegioAurea.


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The LegioAurea CAESAR JIG is a revolutionary, innovative, jointed swim jig offering perfect swimming balance and alignment (CONSTANS ACTION TECH.) . Designed for use with swimbaits, craws and grubs, it delivers a deadly presentation with its custom chemically sharpened super strong hook with an exclusive "inox tied" silicone skirt, and screw-in keeper. MULTI PURPOSE WEEDLESS JIG: The solid construction ensures rock solid hook sets and fits every trailer style perfectly. Use it and retrieve it around shallow cover, flip or pitch it directly at a target or probe weed beds, the Caesar Jig can do it all because it is Made in LegioAurea.
Developed by LegioAurea specifically for wacky tecnique. The Libra is balanced perfectly for a natural, seductive fall rigged with worms and similar baits. The knot eye is positioned at the perfect angle for the best hook setting, while the weedguard helps to totally prevent snags. Powered by a strong Mustad Ultra Point chemically sharpened hook. Suggested line 4-12 lb. Fighting power IV
Libra... maximize your wacky action! Features:
- developed by LegioAurea specifically to work with wacky tecnique
- line eye positioned at the perfect angle for the best hook setting
- weedguard helps prevent snags
- Mustad Ultra Point top level hook chemically sharpened

Available sizes: 1/16oz #2 hook, 1/8oz #1 hook, 3/16oz #1/0 hook
Legio Aurea Hasta offset jighead. A versatile, ultra-compact tungsten jighead designed for a perfect texas rig with worms, stickbaits or creatures. The design of the tungsten head guarantees exceptional and extended stability of the bait during long stops or inside the deepest cover. The position of the knot eye makes it possible to move the soft lures in a very natural way in restricted spaces. Powered by a strong, chemically sharpened hook. Suggested line 4-10 lb.

- developed by LegioAurea specifically to work with finesse tecniques
- line eye positioned at perfect angle for the best hook setting.
- offeset design helps prevent snags.
- hi qualiy hook chemically sharpened
The Legio Corvus is a tournament grade swimbait hook. It features a weight mark spot for easily selecting the right weight, a center pin lure keeper that allows a perfect rig in the centre of the lure and a segmented weight, flat on top that gives to your lure a superb rolling action. The hook is an extra wide gap: the best curve to rig soft swimbaits, shad, grubs, plastic frogs.

Available sizes: 1/8oz #2/0 hook, 3/16oz #2/0 hook, 3/16oz #3/0 hook, 1/4oz #3/0 hook, 3/16oz #4/0 hook, 1/4oz #4/0 hook

The best way to understand the quality of a brand, is the ideas behind their accessories. Legio is a brand that ignores the concept of compromise. The Ecomimesi tungsten is of the higher and purest level. The shape is not made out of tungsten resin in a mould, it's "sculpted". Compact design for a perfect fit with every lure, even the thinnest. X-Hard: Ecomimesi is extremely hard, and won't deform. This hardness allows a very high sensitivity on the retrieve. Natural appeal: we developed the external coating with the goal to be able to mimetize the weight in clear and dark waters. Available weights: 1/16oz, 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/2oz, 1oz


The best way to understand the quality of a brand, is the ideas behind their accessories. Legio is a brand that ignores the concept of compromise. Argentum series features tournament grade ultra polished tungsten sinkers. The models allow to approach different techniques and situations.

Available weights
Bullet: 1/16oz, 3/32oz, 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz, 3/8oz
Drop Shot: 1/16oz, 3/32oz
Insert: 1/48oz, 3/64oz, 1/16oz
Glomus: 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz
Globus: 1.0gr, 1.6gr, 2.2gr


The Legio Aurea Caligula Tungsten swing football jighead provides the hook with a tremendous free swinging action that adds additional life and vibration to your lure. The tungsten material of the head provides a host of benefits as well, including a smaller profile and better sensitivity. The Legio Aurea Caligula Jighead offers a new level of action. It's equipped with a strong chemically sharpened hook.
Available Size: #3/0 - 1/4oz


The Legio Aurea Aries skirted weights are built to penetrate through thick cover and put your softbaits in front of the bass. Made from high-grade 97% tungsten, the Aries jigs have a compact profile that is smaller than lead rigs of the same weight due to the dense nature of tungsten.This smaller profile makes it easier for the Aries weights to slide in and out of heavy cover. Completed with an hi quality silicone skirt for a better vibration in the water.


Parazonium Offset
The LegioAura Parozonium hook with its deep throat and dramatically elevated point, offers a perfect gap for extra hooking power. The 3D square point rides above the knot eye, providing a more positive and effective hook set from short and long distance. Ideal for weedless style rig. Available in two classic tournament styles: offset and wide gap CHEMICALLY SHARPENED 3D square point. EXTRA STRONG forged shank for every type of line. Black chrome finish against corrosion Hook point is perfectly angled with PAP Tech.


Parazonium Finesse
Legio Aurea Parazonium Finesse Hooks. Hooks for drop shot and wacky rig. Light but extremely strong, designed to be sucked up by the fish and not compromise the lure action by altering the weight, and at the same time to avoid breakages even using high test lines. Chemically Sharpened. Extra Strong wire. P.A.P. tech - perfectly angled point 6 pieces per pack


Parazonium Trailer
The Legio Aura Parazonium Trailer Hook is designed specifically to be rigged on spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, swimming jigs. The hook is strong enough to not being subjet to breakages even using high test lines. Chemically Sharpened. Extra Strong wire. P.A.P. tech - perfectly angled point 5 pieces per pack


Legio Aurea Caput Mundi - Tournament Grade Fluorocarbon line - offers dramatically improved performances achieved thanks to a new technology that uses 3 layers of fluoropolymer material with different viscosity. This process allows to achieve high tensile strength, superior knot strength, incredible abrasion resistance, unmatched softness and virtually no spool memory.



The new Legio Aurea Invictus is a lurefishing specific line that is made by an unique blend of a revolutionary coating and a fluorine structure. This peculiar coating makes the line incredibly resilient to abrasion and literally capable of extirpating the fish from the covers: the Invictus cuts the soft structures like weeds, and is able to carve, under pressure, even the hard ones like wood. This new generation line is designed for spinning and casting reels, has almost no memory and the refraction index of 1.41 makes it virtually invisible underwater. -unique blend, special coating fluorine -lurefishing specific line -cuts wood and every structure -inredible knot and abrasion resistance -uncommon sensitivity -refraction index 1.41


Featuring a versatile design with a zip closure, the LegioAurea Ligans binder bag has a compact size that fits inside most large tackle bags. Designed as an all-in-one fishing lure management system, this hi-quality bassfishing binder holds 15 heavy-duty bait bags. Combining comfort, style, and versatility, the Legio Aurea Ligans Binder organizes and stores softbaits, hook packs, sinker stoppers, and spinnerbaits. With LegioAurea emboidered logo.